Corporate Finance


  • Organization of numerous structured finance transactions in real estate for an amount exceeding 10 million euros
  • Consultancy for the preparation of business plans in Project Financing for the management of public services
  • Advisor in the syndicated loan of a cross border operation of MLBO for more than 30 million euros
  • Drafting of the Business Plan and role of Advisor in the syndicated loan in a project for an Intermodal Logistics Platform for 30 mln euros
  • Consulting in various recovery operations with the sale of real estate assets in real estate funds
  • Renovation of a cross-border financing for 18 million euros
  • Renegotiation and refinancing for a cross-border industrial group for more than 30 million euros
  • Interim Management in numerous Italian and foreign companies
  • Corporate finance consultancy in an over 100 M debt restructuring.
  • Advisor in numerous corporate restructuring Plan under the Italian Law (Art. 160 L.F., Art. 67 L.F., Art. 182 bis L.F.).
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