Innovative legal tools for Companies’Groups

9 May 2018

When a company has ongoing relations with the other companies in a Group, it often encounters problems of a contractual or labour nature.

Until now, companies within the same group have regulated their relations in a totally occasional, uncertain and consequently unsafe manner.

Badiali Consulting and Studio Legale Pino e Associati are proposing a new contractual structure that allows Groups of Companies to overcome the problems of the secondment and co-determination of employees.

The solution, developed in collaboration with our professionals, has the advantage of solving the problems exposed with a single contractual tool.

Ultimately, relying on our advice, you can assess how the solution designed, with a very low economic impact, allows you to:

  • increasing intra-group business efficiency;
  • eliminate and/or reduce risks of sanctions of considerable economic importance;
  • reduce professional cunsultancies.